What’s Happening in the Shop!


You may have heard that the bell tower of the First Congregational Church of Portland is being restored.

The south portion of the tower was disassembled by Pioneer Waterproofing and delivered to our shop in a few pieces…

Our shop crew carefully laid the pieces out…

First_Congregational_Church_Millwork_B_ (9)

First_Congregational_Church_Millwork_B_ (16)

…and our shop manager puzzled the pieces back together…

First_Congregational_Church_Millwork_D_ (4)

…piece by piece…

First_Congregational_Church_Millwork_D_ (20)

Our team of restoration experts will assess each piece and deem it salvageable for restoration, or will create replica pieces.

Click here to contribute to the restoration fund.

Stay tuned for updates!

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As proud Marvin Window Dealers, we’re excited to share with you this new promotion they are doing to introduce the latest details about their Integrity line of fiberglass windows. It comes with an opportunity to win a 4 City VIP tour to visit some of America’s iconic baseball stadiums.

What’s the connection between fiberglass windows and baseball?

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Download & Donate: As a bonus, Integrity will donate $1 to Minor League Baseball Charities for every person that downloads Integrity literature in 2015. You can download that information here.


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