Postcards from the Shop

Here’s a peek at what we’ve been working on in our shop…

This custom eclipse storefront is for the new open-air Pine Street Market

Versatile_Pine_Street_Market_Storefront (1)

Versatile_Pine_Street_Market_Storefront (21)

A residential entry door gets a charming arched top…

Versatile_Residential_Door (4)

…with a three-point locking system

Versatile_Residential_Door (1)

Our talented crew created a CNC replication of the original double hung detail for the Pine Street Market‘s ground floor windows…

Versatile_Pine_Street_Market (9)

And another custom residential door will feature oval glass…

Versatile_Residential_Door (2)

…and intricate dentil work along the top of the lower stile.

Versatile_Residential_Door (4)

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