ABOUT VERSATILE: Your Uniquely Versatile Solution


Our window, door and cabinetry solutions are designed to fit your design, performance and budget goals. 

Instead of a catalog, we start with 5 key questions that will help us refine your Uniquely Versatile solution. 

1. What historic criteria need to be met? 

Is the building subject to historic review? Are there historic code requirements to be met? Is your client eager to match the existing architecture? 

Versatile specializes in reproductions that match the exact material, style and hardware of historic buildings. We have extensive experience in navigating the historic review process successfully. 

2. What performance needs does the product have? 

How hard will this product need to work to lower energy costs, withstand the elements or create flexible egress options? 

To customize your solution, it helps to know the building's geography - elevation, landscape, region and exposure. How sheltered is it from the elements? What other architectural features impact the design of the space? 

3. What are your design goals?  

Are you aiming for a specific architectural style? Hoping to maximize energy performance? Conceal modern conveniences? Create a wow factor? Blend in to the existing built environment? 

Tell us your design goals for your project and we will ensure your Uniquely Versatile solution will achieve them. 

4. What challenges does the project face? 

Does the solution need to last the next 100 years? Be installed in unusual circumstances? Most importantly, what codes (historic, energy performance or other) does the finished solution need to conform to? 

We will work with you to ensure complete compliance to applicable regulations and address any design or installation challenges you might face. 

5. Finally, what’s your budget? 

A Uniquely Versatile solution can be value-engineered to combine custom and factory-built elements to fit both your goals and your budget. 

As a factory-direct Marvin dealer, we are experts in the hundreds of material, profile and hardware options available and can help you find the exact combination of components you need. We can also help you identify when a custom solution will better suit the goals and challenges of your project. 

Ready to get started? Contact Versatile at (503)238-6403 or email quotes@versatilewp.com. We look forward to working with you!