Modern Outdoor Oasis

A glowing oasis of thoughtful, modern design that feels like an organic part of this architecturally-significant Oregon home.

Patrick O’Neill of Greenline Fine Woodworking was called to do a historically sensitive update to one of Pietro Belluschi’s last projects. The project came with a very cool addition: a meditation room. The meditation room was designed collaboratively with Michael McCulloch, a noted Portland architect, the current owner of the home. A Modern Design with Versatile

Modern Design

Project Goals

The intention of the modern design was to create a space that would blur the lines between indoors and out. The effect would be minimizing visual interruptions. This also allows the space to open completely to the exterior as much as possible.


Modern Design

Large, sliding full-lite doors can have challenges related to weight, stability and smooth operability. An additional challenge was to figure out how to allow the doors to meet at a corner. With a only a narrow post to camouflage and complete the seal when closed some ingenuity was required.

Modern Design

Uniquely Versatile Solutions

A tricky mitred corner for the track system allowed the two layers of doors to meet seamlessly in the corner. Very tight tolerances were needed to ensure a weather-tight fit when the panels were closed.

The Versatile Product Design team worked closely with the installing contractor. This was important to ensure measurements were accurate and the modern design parameters could be met.

Bringing multiple tracks together in the corners presented alignment challenges for both the upper and lower panel tracks. The low profile sill makes for a near-flush transition to the interior flooring. Metal tracks were inlaid into solid wood sills to create an elegantly integrated system.

The result: a glowing oasis of thoughtful Mid-Century modern design that feels like an organic part of this architecturally-significant Oregon home.

Modern Design

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Open Shelving: Mid-Century Bungalow Kitchen

Versatile brings this Mid-Century bungalow home into the 21st Century all while embracing its iconic look.

Cradled in Northeast Portland’s Concordia neighborhood lies a modest and unassuming Mid-Century bungalow that has recently undergone an extensive remodel. Modernizing the interior of the home while retaining its intended aesthetic. In collaboration with Arciform designers Jeffrey Kelly and Bianca McKelvy, Versatile Wood Products had a unique opportunity to be a part of this transformation.

Mid-Century bungalow

What were the goals of this project?

The main goal of this project was to achieve an updated Mid-Century Modern look. New drawer & door faces on two of the existing cabinet walls. And creating a new, full-height cabinet next to the refrigerator to create extra storage space. Using a combination of paint and stain grade material helped to complete the aesthetic.

What were the challenges?

We faced many of the typical challenges that come with Mid-Century remodels. This project called for custom face frames and continuous horizontal grain for stain-grade lower cabinets. These can be tricky to execute well.

The design for this kitchen also called for three unusually long floating shelves. At nearly five feet per shelf, this presented a challenge.

What were the uniquely Versatile solutions to those challenges?

For the custom face frames, we created a complete overlay, which achieved the intended look. We sourced continuous grain Birch for the lower cabinets, which worked out beautifully. In order to support the 55″ floating shelves, we used hidden steel brackets which were embedded in the shelves themselves. Then concealed behind sheet rock by the installer.

The combination of paint grade upper cabinets, stain grade lower cabinets with beautiful horizontal grain and open shelving helped to bring this Mid-Century bungalow home into the 21st Century all while embracing its iconic look. If your Mid-Century Modern kitchen could use a breath of fresh air, let Versatile Wood Products help you!

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