Classic Doors



This project was a collaboration in the truest sense. Through the vision of the talented Andee Hess of Osmose Design, and the owner, Duane Sorenson with Orange PDX, they transformed an existing restaurant space on SE Division Street into one of the finest dining experiences in Portland. Versatile was happy to be chosen to create Ava Gene’s entry way and be part of such a talented team.

Partner: Orange PDX


Portland was incorporated in 1851, but none of the buildings from that time are still standing, primarily because they were made of wood. However, the Harker Building, finished in 1880, is still here.

The building was completed at a time of great economic growth for Portland. Unlike the city’s “first” buildings, the Harker was constructed out of durable materials such as cast iron.


Built in 1910, a booming time for Portland, the Wickersham building is a fine example of work by Lazarus, Whitehouse & Fouilhoux architects. The front entrance needed to be changed to accommodate modern life safety and ADA conveniences while still maintaining the historic character of the building. By changing the two smaller doors into one larger door with a matching sidelight, Versatile was able to pass stringent codes and address the concerns of the buildings condominium requirements.