Classic Wood Cabinets



Full inset doors and drawers, inset hinges and a striking finish exemplify a classic kitchen. Doors with pressed steel panels and exposed plate storage are options that Versatile considers standard. Versatile’s cabinets are built in large sizes for ease of install and seamless construction that would have been found prior to factory made cabinets. The only limit in size is access to your project.

classic STORAGE

Cabinets built without toe kicks are a classic American detail lost in mass construction techniques. Chalk board frames, hook rails and oversized drawers are all features combined with modern hardware that mix classic elements with modern conveniences.

classic ELEGANCE

Picking up on design cues and other classic styles throughout the rest of the building, Versatile has a unique ability to create sophistication that is not found in other shops. Counters made in matching materials and furniture from the same styles pull a project together in the most Versatile way.