Custom Double Hung Window — Custom Case Study

2164 NW Aspen Ave 2

This may look like a humble little double hung but what appears to be straightforward actually involved a lot of attention to detail, careful coordination and amazing craftsmanship.

When this job is finished it will be very difficult to identify the original windows from our new window; aside from the fact that the new window operates like butter.

2164 NW Aspen Ave 7

The Challenge

Our colleagues at Kem’s Woodworking needed to help their clients meet current egress codes for a new basement bedroom with a historically accurate window that matches all the original double hung windows throughout this 1930’s West Hills home.

Kem’s cut a hole in the exterior wall directly between two existing windows and challenged Versatile to deliver a window that looked like it had always been there.

2164 NW Aspen Ave 9

The Uniquely Versatile Solution

Versatile built a traditional weight and pulley double hung to the necessary size to meet the egress requirements. We matched the reverse ogee interior detail and the exterior stucco mould exactly.

2164 NW Aspen Ave 5

Even the stepped exterior window sill was reproduced to match all original sills.

(The picture below shows the window before the finish painting was complete.)

2164 NW Aspen Ave 13

The Result

You would be hard pressed to identify at a glance which window was added to the home and which were original. Sometimes, the best Versatile solutions are the ones that are impossible to identify once they are installed!

2164 NW Aspen Ave 8

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