Historic Wood Cabinets



This historic Lake Oswego home features a Dutch door, classic oak refrigerator, simple lines with traditional white painted cabinetry and a farmhouse table. Versatile provided all the elements to preserve the historic style and even created a door leading to the underground wine cellar through the farmhouse floor (see the subtle lines below the TV).

Collaborator: Anne De Wolf :: Arciform

historic MANSION

The Barnes Mansion is a national monument. Due to neglect, only little had been changed. The original kitchen, having been designed for servants, was chopped up and worn. All upper cabinets and buffet cabinets were restored. The decorative tile was salvaged and reinstalled into the backsplash. The new lower cabinets and the custom island match the mahogany in the home and extensive decorative millwork now makes the kitchen as beautiful as the rest of the home.

historic CHIC

Maintaining historic cabinets and integrating new ones into the same space is an exciting project for Versatile. Space that was once not used now has a specialty counter over the radiator. Full instead doors, exposed mortised hinges and fully integrated panels are all details Versatile will make happen for you.