Meet Versatile’s Newest Drafter: Taylor Rife

Taylor Rife is Versatile’s newest Drafter. He has a Certificate of Computer Aided Design and Drafting from Portland Community College and a Culinary Arts Diploma from Oregon Culinary Institute. He drove a cab for four years, commercial trucks for a short time and cooked in a variety of restaurants. Read on to find out what inspires Taylor.

1. You’ve been brought on as a Drafter for Versatile. Tell us about what your areas of responsibility will be.

 I will be working mainly with cabinetry; drafting for shop drawings.

2. Tell us about your background. What aspects of Versatile’s work and process are most similar to your previous work? What’s the most different?

I have a culinary background and a background in transportation. Similarly, I really enjoy the creative collaboration with engineering and communicating with others in a progressive environment. In a sense, the detailed way that things are done are very unique which makes it different as well.

3. What inspires you about custom manufacture?

Architectural design and specifically woodwork, is an organic art form, which makes it a very interesting subject.

4. Describe one of your favorite past projects. What were the challenges? What were some of the features that made it memorable?

A lot of my training was in 3D/solid modeling CADD programs (Solidworks, Inventor). I worked on a variety of applications, including mechanical and consumer product design. The satisfying thing for me is in the details. Putting a lot of work into all the little things, such as geometric and parametric features, that enhance the functionality and beauty of a product; then seeing the end result be awesome, it is a great feeling.

5. What are the top 3 things on your “bucket list?”  

I don’t really have a defined bucket list, but I do really enjoy traveling; the outdoors. I’d like to travel to a lot more countries and gain some fluency in Spanish and/or another language. Eventually, I’d like to own a small piece of property somewhere rural. One day, I’d like to play in a band again.


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