Modern Doors



Modern design emphasizes strong lines and a lack of ornamentation. To complement the simple architecture of Irvington Corner and the goals of a storefront, we designed doors with large glass windows using a beautiful honey maple, which added warmth to the design and compliments the building colors. The doors were designed and installed in an efficient 3 weeks to meet the client’s timeline.

Collaborators: Gores Construction


This pool pavilion designed by Michael McCulloch and built by Patrick O’Neill is an extension of a home designed by Pietro Belluschi. It’s purpose is for meditation and yoga. We are proud to have designed and installed the custom floor to ceiling glass windows and doors, which are a great way to bring the peaceful surroundings inside and also let the beauty of the space shine outward.

Contractor: Patrick O’Neill
Designer: Michael McCulloch.


A newer building built in the 1990s with a contemporary feel, Versatile built 3 large mahogany balanced-pivot doors that were each 4 to 5 feet wide to provide an architectural focal point for the design. Screens of architectural millwork provide artful coverings for the aluminum windows. Balance-pivot operation allows for very wide doors to operate with great ease because the majority of the weight is transferred down to pivots in the floor.