Modern Windows


modern windows THE ZIPPER

The innovative and modern “Zipper” building was designed by Guerrilla Development and Versatile was proud to be the window supplier. We delivered a mock-up frame to the builder early in the process so that he could develop the wall assembly with a rain screen around our simple, solid wood frame and sill. By strategizing an unique assembly line production method, we were able to build all 107 fixed window units in just one month! These are direct glaze windows in solid clear vertical grain fir.


Versatile provided custom, Douglas fir, windows for the “Evo” building. The upper floors feature custom casements that were a match to historic photos that the architect had obtained. Versatile provided custom casements that were a match to historic photos of the building. For the very large ground floor direct glaze windows, Versatile glazed on site to reduce weight during transport and install. The transom windows feature a combo of simulated divided light and true divided light due to their length. The two tone color scheme is nearly impossible to achieve in aluminum but was easily accomplished in wood. The hinged casements on the upper floors came really close to the floor which presented a fall-hazard that casement stays wouldn’t fix, so Versatile used a sash limiter instead. This hardware was not easy to integrate but with testing and mock-ups we accomplished a smooth integration.  The results are sashes that open only 3” to prevent any potential for someone or something to fall out. Insulated units in which the interior pane was clear laminated and the outer panes were tempered with low-emissivity (Low-E) coating which accomplished both impact resistance and efficient heat reflection and restricted heat loss.


In October of 2015 we built 142” tall flush exterior doors and 108” tall full lite doors for Portland’s Albina Yard.  The flush doors feature a continuous fir veneer and matching 34” fir transom panel above.  In addition to their extraordinary height, both door types are approximately 40” wide and utilize offset pivot hinges to give these massive doors smooth operation and lend an uninterrupted modern look.

Architect: LEVER  Architecture
Contractor: Reworks Design Build