Postcards from the Field: Pine Street Market Sneak Preview


We have been deeply enjoying the process of designing and installing a very unusual custom single hung window system and storefront for Siteworks at the new Pine Street Market food hall that is set to open in May 2016.

Originally called the United Carriage & Baggage Transfer Building, this 1886 structure had a past life as a livery and horse drawn carriage storage facility that featured over 100 horse stalls. The early 20th century saw it used as a contractor supply depot until 1969 when it became the first location for The Old Spaghetti Factory. More recently it has featured a series of all ages night clubs.

Developing the project included a combination of exactly matching existing window details and developing an innovative external weight and pulley system for the single hung storefront windows that were counterbalanced by visible black pipe, allowing the sash to operate without need for weight pockets in the walls.

Here’s a little sneak peek at the systems we’ve installed. Go check out the real thing at the Grand Opening in May and tell us what you think!



These single hung windows were set too close together to employ traditional weight pockets. Instead, a visible wire and  pulley system is counterbalanced with black pipe that lowers and raises as the sash is operated.


Arch top detail and ogee lugs replicate the historic charm of the original windows.


This image shows the single hung storefront sash all set in their open configuration.
You can see the pipe counterbalances around the top.


Here they are closed with the wood panel pony wall visible below.


These arch topped double hung windows were replications of the original. Here you can see the left hand top sash opened to let in ventilation. We used our CNC router to replicate original hand carved details on the exterior mull caps (below).


This “before picture” (below) illustrates the extremely weathered condition of the existing windows. We were proud to have the opportunity to exactly match the details of the original windows so the building will retain its original character and be prepared to weather next 100 years of life.



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