Blind Stop — Window Word of the Day

We’re launching a new feature: A Window Word A Day.

We hope you’ll find this look at the history and meaning of some of the window world’s more obscure terminology informative, useful and maybe a bit entertaining.

We’ll spend the next 2 months unveiling a new definition each day. Pay attention! At the end we’ll have a pop quiz- you could win a custom designed tool box from Versatile Wood Products.

Today’s Word: Blind Stop

doublehung_diagramA rectangular molding used in the assemblage of a double hung window frame; nailed between the outside trim and the outside sashes, it serves as a stop for storm sashes and screens and assists in preventing air infiltration.

blind stop 2Did you know?

The invention of the double hung window was ascribed to Robert Hooke,  (1635-1703), surveyor to the city of London and chief assistant to the renowned architect Sir Christopher Wren. Hooke was responsible for rebuilding the city of London in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1666.


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