Building to Last

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Building to last means custom made for each wood product we create. From the beginning phase to the final construction, our doors, windows, cabinets, and furniture are known for their lasting quality and durability. Our employees take great pride in their work as you will see in our culture video (coming soon!). Have a certain look you’re going for? Click below for your style.

  • #giantjenga at the holiday party with our friends and family of @arciform
  • Doors are the guests first impression, make sure they're nice! @AvaGenesRestaurant @Andee Hess @OsmoseDesign @DuaneSorenson @OrangePDX #restaurantspaces #SEDivisionStreet #finedining  #talentedteam #VersatileProjects #ingenuity #winningtogether #uniquelyversatile
  • Beautiful details like these remind us why preserving historical buildings is so important. The Sentinel Hotel was built in 1909, designed by William Christmas Knighton, Oregon’s first architect known to use Viennese-influenced Early Modern and modified Arts and Crafts styles in his designs. Photo by  #restorationcelebration @restoreoregon #sentinelhotel #architecture #historicalarchitecture