Building to Last

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At Versatile Wood Products, building to last means custom made for each wood product we create. From the beginning phase to the final construction. Our doors, windows, cabinets, and furniture are known for their lasting quality and durability. Our employees take great pride in their work as you will see in our culture video (coming soon!). Have a certain look you’re going for? Click below for your style.

  • Wine storage goals. #customcabinets #customdesign #kitchen #wine #uniquelyversatile #winestorage
  • One of our clients, Colab Architecture, recently had an art door built for their client. It was created by Karl Burkheimer, head of the wood department at OCAC and longtime Portland sculptor and furniture maker. The door is massive and features intricate hand-carved details. We were entrusted to install hardware, build a jamb, and hang the door in the jamb so it is ready for installation. The machining required to hang a door of this size turned into a feat of handling—it took 5 people to run the door through the jointer to make sure it was perfectly square and even. Look at our team carefully guiding it through the machining. Great job, guys! @co.lab #karlburkheimer #handcarved #doorjamb #customdoor #artdoor #teamwork #heavylifting #uniquelyversatile
  • I kind of have butcher block envy. :) #customdesign #craftsmanship #butcherblock #kitchen #kitchendesign #uniquelyversatile